IdeaGist Global Incubator is accepting new applications

IdeaGist Global Incubator is accepting new applications

IdeaGist is accepting new applications to their global startup incubation program. More details can be found here.

IdeaGist Global Incubation program is for early stage startup ideas, it is open to everyone globally, and it is free of charge. Ideas need to be innovative and could either be for social or commercial benefits.

Application process is very simple and deadline is September 30.

About IdeaGist

Designed to support early stage ideas, IdeaGist is the largest virtual incubator in the world, currently hosting 1,800 ideas. IdeaGist offers a unique 60-step process that is easy to follow , and it offers templates, tools, and learning resources at every step. Visit our website for more information

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Our Goal

The ultimate goal of the CSUDH Ei is to stimulate and foster an interest of entrepreneurialism within the CSUDH studentbody and the South Bay community. Throughout the academic year, the team will organize talks, workshops, networking events, and trips to support and foster networking.

Our team and it’s members represent a wide array of backgrounds including business, engineering, arts, and the sciences. We encourage lifelong learning and aim to support our student and professional network with opportunities whether it be as a founder, manager, investor, advisor, or corporate partner.