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2014/15 Annual Report


The Institute will provide a safe haven and center of knowledge for all things entrepreneurial in our community!


Be a leader in the critically important, fast growing areas of entrepreneurship and small business development for our first generation students, urban, minority, female participants, faculty & staff.

What is the Ei?

The mission of the Ei @ CSUDH is to provide a stimulating, nurturing  and enthusiastic environment for entrepreneurship within CSUDH  - including Staff, Faculty, Students & the South Bay Community. Throughout the academic year, the Ei team organizes talks, workshops, networking events, and trips to support and foster networking. The Ei team and its members represent a wide array of backgrounds including business, engineering, arts, and the sciences. We encourage lifelong learning and aim to support our student and professional network with opportunities whether it be as a founder, manager, investor, advisor, or corporate partner.

Ushered in by CSUDH business management lecturer Michael Grimshaw, the institute provides a bastion of knowledge, creativity and collaboration to the campus community and those in the general public looking to launch or grow their entrepreneurial dreams. Grimshaw created the institute in fall 2014 while teaching MGT 412: Small Business Management/Introduction to Entrepreneurship during his second semester as a lecturer on campus.

The Ei Incubator

The Ei Incubator is a short-term program designed to promote the growth and success of entrepreneurship at CSUDH. The Ei-Incubator offers mentoring, coaching, and support services such as business planning tools, legal advice, marketing strategies, business feasibility analysis and networking opportunities. It also connects entrepreneurs to venture capitalists who may be interested in investing in their businesses. View calendar for Ei Incubator dates and times.