Startup Resources

Thinking about starting a business of your own? SBA offers a number of resources to help you get started or move to the next level. >> Get started Blog | How to Give Your Local Business an Online Marketing Tune-up If you operate a “local...

Healthy on-the-go for Entrepreneurs

Traveling for business can be challenging, with extended hours on a plane, hectic agendas and long meetings with colleagues. You barely have time to sleep, let alone think about how you will find healthy foods to eat, but there are some steps you can take...

Active Learning Classrooms Enhance Collaborative Learning, Approaches to Teaching

WRITTEN BY PAUL BROWNING, Dateline Dominguez With the installation of three state-of-the-art active learning classrooms (ALC) this summer at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) many students will experience a more collaborative and empowering way of learning, while faculty develop more creative approaches to teaching....

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of the CSUDH Ei is to stimulate and foster an interest of entrepreneurialism within the CSUDH studentbody and the South Bay community. Throughout the academic year, the team will organize talks, workshops, networking events, and trips to support and foster networking.

Our team and it’s members represent a wide array of backgrounds including business, engineering, arts, and the sciences. We encourage lifelong learning and aim to support our student and professional network with opportunities whether it be as a founder, manager, investor, advisor, or corporate partner.