Enactus CSUDH

Enactus CSUDH




CSUDH in 2016 has close to 200+ students on the CSUDH Enactus team who are doing many social entrepreneurship projects for the campus and community. Enactus is open to all students and highly encouraged for all to consider joining for the networking opportunities and opportunity to make a positive difference. There is no cost to join but an excellent resource for students, the school and the community! There is also a very powerful career marketplace with excellent networking and opportunities with thousands of corporations who love to hire ENACTUS members…check it out http://enactusunitedstates.org/career_services and register today to participate! Once you join you will always have access to the resources even after you graduate…join as a student and as an ENACTUS alumni you are welcome!


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Our Goal

The ultimate goal of the CSUDH Ei is to stimulate and foster an interest of entrepreneurialism within the CSUDH studentbody and the South Bay community. Throughout the academic year, the team will organize talks, workshops, networking events, and trips to support and foster networking.

Our team and it’s members represent a wide array of backgrounds including business, engineering, arts, and the sciences. We encourage lifelong learning and aim to support our student and professional network with opportunities whether it be as a founder, manager, investor, advisor, or corporate partner.